Final Details

Here is your Race Information for Saturday 20th October 2018. It should answer most of the questions you might have about race day but if there is anything else out-standing do get in touch. Please be patient, we might not always be able to give an immediate response.

Please remember that you must register your team by Midnight on Thursday 18th October 2018.

Download Final Details

Download Emergency Contact Sheet

Download Car Park Pass (two passes per team only)

Socializing options for after the running is done

We have received enquiries about options for a night out from those wanting to party after the Relay. There is no ‘official’ event organised but best options for drinking (and eating) for those staying over are probably Grasmere or Ambleside.

Grasmere is a quiet and picturesque village in the heart of the Lake District. Unsurprisingly, it is hardly known for its banging nightlife. There are, however, a handful of pubs and hotel bars that are worth a visit. Right next to the Relay field on the A591 are the Travellers’ Rest and Swan pubs. Think traditional Lakeland: slate floors, good beer and in the Swan’s case, well-heeled patrons. In the village itself are a variety of hotel bars just a stone’s throw from the camping and campervan sites, the most notable of which are Bar 1769, attached to the Inn at Grasmere right in the centre of the village, and Tweedies Bar, which may require navigational skills to find but will be well worth the effort. Tweedies has a huge selection of craft beer and ales and has live music until midnight on a Saturday.

Ambleside is another idyllic Lakeland village with an abundance of pubs and restaurants. It has a bit more hustle and bustle and a town-like feel compared to Grasmere and is likely to be a bit busier around the pubs – think Newcastle in Northern Ireland after the champs race or Fort William after the Ben (without the aggro). The Golden Rule is a favourite of hill goers and is a pub-lovers pub. Good beer, a homely feel, and friendly locals make this place popular. The Unicorn is a bit of a hidden gem around the corner from the Rule; small, welcoming and often with live music on a weekend. The Lily offers something a bit different and is a more modern wine bar with a bit of music on and a younger, smarter crowd. The hotel bars of Churchill’s, White Lion and Queen’s are roomier and all serve food. Churchill’s has live music on a Saturday. The Royal Oak in the centre of the village is another Lakeland pub with good beer, a low beamed roof and decent outside seating to watch the world go by. Finally, there is the Ambleside Tavern with the draw of the downstairs late-night disco-club of Sporties. Free entry from 11pm and open until 2am, this is where the hardcore will head to dance their cares away in to the wee hours.

The Badger Bar is also worth a mention, sandwiched between Grasmere and Ambleside in the pretty hamlet of Rydal. Owned by a fell runner, and in addition to the attractions of great ales, roaring fires and oak panelled finery, there is a colony of badgers that can be observed around dusk.

Travel between Grasmere and Ambleside can be done either by taxi or the 555 bus. See the bus timetable here:

Bus timetable


Uncollected T-Shirts

If you didn’t collect your t-shirt at the relays then please contact Kate at to arrange delivery or collection.  You will be liable for postage.


You can buy T-Shirts with the British Fell Relays 2018 logo, designed by Ambleside AC’s Jim Tyson.

They are £13 each, with men’s and women’s option.

Order before the cut off date and they will be available on the field. After the cut off date you can have them delivered.

Follow this link:


Our Men’s Club Captain modelling the T-Shirt (Captain not included!)

Race Rules

The 2018 UKA Relay Championships are run in accordance with FRA rules and also with some additional rules specifically for this relay race.

Team Captains are responsible for ensuring that all their runners not only know the race rules but also abide by them. Any runner failing to follow these rules will cause the disqualification of their team…..there are no exceptions!

  1. Minimum age of all competitors is 18 years old (on day of relay) apart from Leg 4, where the minimum age is 16 years old. Leg 4 will be flagged and marshalled in accordance with the standard expected for Junior FRA races.
  2. Team members must be 1st claim runners for their club and wear club vests
  3. All runners must carry a compass and whistle as well as waterproof full body cover (taped seams and attached hood), hat and gloves and emergency food. This is the MINIMUM clothing requirement for each runner and the organisers may add additional items depending on weather conditions, so come prepared.
  4. Legs 1,2 and 4 will be provided with a map and this must be carried on each leg. The pair running Leg 3 will receive their map after they have started their leg.
  5. Bumbags/rucsacs/kit cannot be passed on at changeover.
  6. Kit checks will be carried out in accordance with FRA Rules….it is up to Team Captains to make sure all their runners carry appropriate gear.
  7. Parts of the race route are over exposed and technically challenging ground and all competitors take part at their own risk. It is advised that all runners have competed in at least one ‘Category A’ fell race.
  8. Runners on the ‘pairs’ legs 2 and 3 must stay in pairs at all times. This means within close sight & hearing distance (not shouting!)
  9. It is the duty of all competitors to help any runner in need of assistance.
  10. Any person or team retiring must declare so to the organisers at the Start / Finish.
  11. Please observe the Country Code. Clambering over walls, crossing private land, leaving gates open etc is against the spirit of fell running and the rules of this event and will result in your team being disqualified. Dogs are not allowed to run either, even if they are on a Lead!
  12. Each checkpoint must be visited by all runners. SPORTident timing is used and teams must dib in the recording box sited at each checkpoint. Runners must wear their race number on their chest and show it to marshals when asked – this is how we monitor the race.
  13. All teams must consist of 6 different runners – no doubling up on different legs.
  14. Leg 4 will be fully flagged. Legs 1 and 2 will be partially flagged. Yellow flags denote an advisory route (probably the fastest line) but do not have to be followed. It is compulsory to follow any red flags on the route. Where there are no flags, runners are free to choose their own route.
  15. A special note on GPS. As with all races organised by Ambleside AC, the use of certain navigation aids is NOT ALLOWED. To be very clear:
  • You are allowed to wear or carry a GPS device
  • You are allowed to use your GPS device to record your route
  • You are allowed to have distance / altitude displayed on your device
  • You are not allowed to follow a pre-loaded GPS route or ‘bread crumb trail’
  • You are not allowed to have a map displayed on your GPS device
  • You are not allowed to load GPS checkpoints onto your device

In an Emergency situation you may of course use any GPS function to navigate yourself safely off the mountain or to aid rescue. In doing so you must declare yourself as a non-competitive runner to the Organisers at the Start / Finish. Any runner seen or to be found using GPS as a navigation aid in a non-emergency situation will have their team disqualified and be reported to the FRA.

  1. All competitors must have read & accept the following standard FRA disclaimer statement:

I understand that this race is held in accordance with both the Rules and Safety Requirements of the F.R.A. I confirm that I am aware of the organiser’s information and requirements in connection with this race, & that I have read, & will abide by the rules set out in the Safety Rules document. I accept the hazards involved in fell running and acknowledge that I am entering and running this race at my own risk. Other that the organiser’s liability for causing death or personal injury by negligence, I confirm that I understand that the organiser accepts no liability to me for any loss or damage of any nature to myself or my property arising out of my participation in this race.

Mass starts

The event starts at 11.00am.

In order to keep the event to time mass starts will be imposed for legs 3 and 4 after leading teams in all categories have gone through change over.  Mass start timing will reflect conditions on the day and will be planned so that all teams finish the event.  Cut off times will also be imposed by the race organisers, and teams may be withdrawn to ensure that the event can finish on time and not put marshals at risk.

Timing and safety

Chip timing is being used and teams must register at the recording boxes, sited at each checkpoint. Runners must wear their race number on their chest and show the number to marshals when asked. This enables runners to be monitored and safety maintained.

The event is a senior competition for athletes aged 18 and over, but suitably experienced juniors aged 16-17 may run leg 4.

Parts of the course are over technically challenging ground and all competitors take part at their own risk. It is the duty of all competitors to help any runners who is in need of assistance.