Leg 4 – Route

4.3 miles 2000ft / 7km 600m

Estimated men’s winning time 35/40 mins

Suitable for over 16 year olds

The glory leg of the race is the shortest and fastest with an estimated winning time of under 40 minutes. It will be fully flagged and the red flags must be followed (within 5m). It is suitable for over 16 year olds. The route takes runners up the same narrow lane as leg 2 then crosses the beck beyond the gate and follows the main path up to Alcock Tarn. The big zig zags on this climb must be taken and none of the main corners cut. This will be taped off and marshalled on race day. As the ground flattens, a scenic dash down the west side of the tarn reaches the south end and the first checkpoint. Cross the wall then a stiff ascent of Heron Pike brings you onto the Fairfield Horseshoe race line. From the south summit follow the flags on the main path until just before the climb up Great Rigg. Take the line of flags into the apex of the contour line for the third checkpoint. A speedy contouring descent then takes you to the summit of Stone Arthur (cp) followed by a hair raising descent back down the main path as the climb for leg 2. Enter the event field and take the applause of your teammates. You’re done!

Leg 4 map