The leg routes for this year’s relay promise to be some of the most beautiful and physically demanding ever. Taking runners over some iconic Lake District fells, the routes cover ground from some classic races and the Bob Graham Round.

Although not very far in terms of distance, each leg delivers a challenging amount of climb over steep and, at times, technical terrain. Leg 2 particularly covers some exposed and rough ridge running, and is not for the faint-hearted.

As you consider your teams, please bear in mind that the leg routes and maps are being made available earlier than usual (late June hopefully) in the hope that teams will have the opportunity to recce the routes over the summer. We would ask that, as our marshals will be out on the hill for a considerable amount of time, if runners feel that they will be significantly more than double the estimated winning time for a leg, they should consider the suitability of that leg for them. This is not meant to discourage or exclude people from entering but is an essential part of keeping competitors and hill marshals safe on the day.

Please take care when reccying not to do anything that will upset the farmers and put the event in jeopardy. This includes climbing any walls, fences or gates or crossing any private land. We all rely on the goodwill of the landowners to race on their land so please be considerate.

On the published leg maps, you will notice a 3-colour system for flagged sections. Where there is red on the map, this denotes a section of red flags on the ground, which must be strictly followed. Yellow sections on the map will have yellow flags and it is advisory to follow these flags – they are a very safe bet in poor visibility and in most, but not all cases, follow the fastest lines. You are free to choose your own lines where yellow flagging is in place. Green sections on the map represent sections with no flags and runners must choose their own lines on these sections.

So get training, work on those climbing (and descending) legs, and we hope to see you there on October.

Please note that the organisers may have to change the routes at any time. We will endeavour to keep competitors informed of any changes in good time.